If only Mary Magdalene had been a man! If that had been the case her knowledge, her insight, her wisdom and her love would serve until this day as the greatest example ever. Instead unfortunately, she was a woman. And so it occurred that in the history of Christianity she was degraded, tarnished and declared a prostitute.

Mary Magdalene: there is no other, man or woman who did understand the teachings of Jesus by its real merits, to the fullest and the deepest, as she did. This is why she, of all people is capable of explaining to us what the core message really is the Master wanted to tell and show us.

She was the one who during her lifetime explained and revealed Jesus’ teachings and instructions over and over again to the male disciples. Without her elucidation the message of the Master would have stayed a hollow and one dimensional text.

And even today she is the one to reveal to us what the actual and living words and meanings are of the teachings of Jesus. By excellence she is the ultimate mediator and interpreter to light our own consciousness of understanding, awareness and insight.

Mary Magdalene was a woman living in a time where women were perceived as lower class and subordinate to men. This is why she had to experience over and over again how she was silenced by men. How she had to experience being slandered during her life, but after her death as well, for continuously being considered to be a danger to the supremacy of men.

Author Hans Stolp provides a refreshing description in this book about this woman who can be named one of the most important disciples of Jesus. He shows us how in the fate of this particular woman we can see the fate of all women.He points out how this self-conscious and wise woman, who is the embodiment of Love itself, as no other is capable of illuminating our inner light.

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