How to go on after saying goodbye

When a loved one dies we often go into shock. It's only later that we start to experience our emotions, what that person has meant to us. This is when grief and loneliness begin.For many of us this is also the time we start asking questions, like "what does death really mean?" We want to know, and understand. This time of sorrow can also be the start of a new, spiritual path.It means passing through a dark tunnel. It is only beyond the deepest darkness that light begins to dawn again, and we can gradually open ourselves to life once more. And when the end of the tunnel comes in sight, you are a different person. Every mourning process is a process of transformation. "In the deepest darkness the light is born", says Hans Stolp. In a very careful and gentle way the well-known pastor/author guides the reader through the different stages and feelings of the mourning process. From the shock and first steps into the dark tunnel to opening slowly to life again and finding the lasting bond with the loved one, it is like a journey through a desolate and barren area, where the light of a single star has more meaning than a thousand suns. A beautiful book in which many people will recognise themselves and through which they will find comfort. OnkruidO Books, UK
127pp; 216 x 138mm;
ISBN 1 903816 95 5