Christ’s prayer
You, universal spirit of love,
You, who descended upon this earth,
from spirit into matter,
You, who manifested as the embodiment
of Jezus of Nazareth,
You, who wants also to be born
into the essence of my heart,
I pray to You: enlighten me through your love,
help to transform me into a reliable human being,
who brings togetherness instead of hatred,
presenting love instead of violence.

I pray to You: turn me into a human being
who doesn’t judge,
but who sees all and everyone
as a living ocean of love.
Only then will I be able to see You in all human beings.

Thus may inner peace shine through me
and be born unto others, the new world arise
we so desperately long for.Universal spirit of love,
approach us, enlighten us,
and transform us into living vessels of pure love.
© Hans Stolp
Translation: Max Alkandrie