The author

Who is he?
Hans Stolp (1942) is a well-known Dutch minister and author. He is one of the most important representatives of Esoteric Christianity. Recently, the Dutch newspaper ‘Trouw’ acclaimed him as one of the three top-class theologians of the Netherlands.
In 1978, he was appointed hospital Minister at the AZG (Academic Hospital) in Groningen, the Netherlands. He wrote and published two books dealing with his work with terminally ill children, one of which, The Golden Bird, has multiple translations. In 1987, he was appointed as a radio/TV minister at the broadcasting company IKON. During this time he published several books about Angels, about near-death experiences and other spiritual subjects.
At the beginning of 1994, he ended his role of radio/TV minister. Since that time, he has been writing books and delivering courses and lectures on issues relating to the esoteric tradition of Christianity.
In his work his intention is to make the original spiritual or esoteric Christian tradition accessible to a broad public.
Hans Stolp has written over fifty books, including children’s books, volumes of poetry and narrative books. Furthermore, he has started writing a series of books about the esoteric view on the Bible. These books, titled Jesus of Nazareth and John the Initiate, have been subtitled Esoteric Bible Reading.