Accompanying their journey after death
What happens to us after death? What paths open up? How do we stay connected and even help our loved ones who have died?
Surprisingly, answers to these questions can be found not only in eastern religions, but also in the Christian tradition. In fact they were prevalent in original Christian teachings but, over time, were lost by the Church.
Margarete van den Brink and Hans Stolp bring the remarkable - sometimes controversial - perspective of esoteric Christianity to their reflections on the after life. They offer inspiring near death experiences and stories, and extraordinary insights into the hidden meaning of bible texts. The authors ask;
- What does the world after death look like? - What regions do we cross on our path after death? - How does Christ sustain the dead as they experience their previous life and prepare for the next? - How can the living help the dead? - How do the departed help loved ones left behind? - Why do the love and wisdom we gain in earthly life matter so much?

Hawthorn Press UKI160pp; 216 x 138mm;ISBN 1 903458 31 5